Aneka pipa HDPE dan Harga pipa HDPE

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Pipa HDPE dipakai untuk:
  1. Pipa air
  2. Pipa gas
  3. Pipa zat kimia
  4. Pipa air kotor
  5. Pipa biogas
  6. Aplikasi lainnya diluar fungsi pipa.
Pipa adalah suatu tabung yang dipakai untuk mengantar air/gas/zat lainnya dari atu tempat ke tempat lainnya. Sebagai media pengantar pipa akan dipengaruhi oleh tekanan didalam pipa maupun tekanan dari luar pipa. Disamping itu tergantung pula dengan jenis cairan/gas yang melewatinya. Keunggulan pipa HDPE adalah tahan terhadap korosi (anti karat). Karena pipa HDPE terbuat dari plastik.

Tulisan  dari Tanisha, sangat bagus;

Why is It Necessary To Use HDPE Pipes

The usage of HDPE pipes are increasing everyday. Yet not all people are aware of the benefits of using HDPE pipe. But a significant number of people today are using HDPE for all types of piping system. There are various good aspects or features of the pipe that convinced people to rely on the strength and durability of the substance. Over the course of time people themselves have witnessed the difference between a general pipe and an HDPE pipe.

Why should you install an HDPE Pipe?

The pipe is heated to create a strong joint that is stronger than the pipe itself. Therefore you can rest in peace because your chances of pipe leakage in the near future is very minimum. In other words, you can say that an HDPE Pipe can guarantee you zero leakage long time service. The joints formed by heat fusing together are absolutely free from leakage.
An HDPE Pipe can be bent to an exceptional radius that proves the flexibility of the pipe, which is highly weather resistant. In extreme temperature the HDPE pipe will not alter its shape and size. During the summer seasons when the temperature is very high, an ordinary pipe tends to expand. Hence there is a high possibility for the pipe to leak anytime. But an HDPE can resist the extreme summer temperature and remain as efficient as it was when new. Not only summer but extreme winter also generally makes an ordinary pipe brittle, in that case an HDPE will protect your pipeline network from all natural calamities. Thus will also prevent pipeline corrosion.

Spool pipe HDPE OD160mm PN10 SDR17

spool pipe HDPE OD200mm PN10 SDR17

spool pipe HDPE OD315mm PN10 SDR17

Due its flexibility, HDPE can be installed easily anywhere and everywhere. The leak free joints makes it more easy to handle and install. The installation types available in case of an HDPE pipe are Pipe Bursting, Floating or Submerged Pipe, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Sliplining etc, which are very cost effective and time saving. Most of the big pipeline networks are built using the above mentioned installation process.

High Density Polyethylene pipe installations are economic and provides a long term service due to the durable physical compositions. According to the industry estimate, an HDPE pipe will serve you for 50 – 100 years. Hence you can now understand the worth of installing an HDPE pipe in terms of durability and cost advantages.
You can be rest assured that there will be no biological growth. Additionally, it will not tubercualte or corrode. Therefore, you can save the time and money that you used to invest when you were using just an ordinary polyethylene pipe. The high resistant power supports HDPE pipe to withstand harsh and reactive chemical surroundings or environment.
It is not only easy and simple for you to maintain the pipeline network but it is also easy for the people involved installing and maintenance. A general pipe repair work is more complicated and tough than repairing and HDPE Pipe. Although, you hardly have to think about repairing your HDPE Pipe but if at all any problem arises, your plumber will definitely find it easy to handle an HDPE pipe than your ordinary pipes.
You can blindly trust on HDPE pipe to escape from the frequent pipeline problems. Bring the best home when it is available at an easily affordable price.

Bagaimana dengan harga pipa HDPE


Price list mungkin berbeda tapi hasil akhir penawaran tidak jauh adanya. Pada prinsipnya harga pipa HDPE sangat dipengaruhi oleh fluktuasi harga minyak bumi dunia.

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